Wine Tourism

Vine and wine are an integral part of the island’s history and played a decisive role in the development of the economy and trade on the islands in the past. Wine was also part of ancient Greeks’ life, who worshiped the God of wine and revelry, Dionysus. In fact, he was depicted on many vases holding a bunch of grapes or a cup of wine. At their banquets, wine flowed abundantly. Enjoying a good wine with a meal is a habit deeply rooted in the everyday life of the islanders. The volcanic, porous soil of Milos combined with its hot and dry climate favors the cultivation of vines.

The varieties that existed and exist traditionally in Milos are the white Savvatiano, the red Mandilaria and the Serifiotiko. However, thanks to the bloom of wine tourism in Milos, the demands are increasing and so other varieties have been added over the years, such as the white Assyrtiko, Monemvasia and Moschato as well as the rare red Mavrotragano. The wine exudes the magic of a place and is perfectly accompanied by its local flavors, such as cheeses, fresh vegetables and traditional recipes.