Garifalakis Comfort Rooms is located in the picturesque and seaside Pollonia, 200m. from the sea, in the northeastern part of the island. It is 15km away from the airport and 10 km. from Adamas port.

In just a few meters you are in the center of Pollonia with tavernas by the sea, cafes and souvenir shops to enjoy a beautiful walk. But, that doesn’t mean you’re far from other attractions. The enchanting and well-known Sarakiniko with its lunar rocks is only 8 km away, while the beach of Papafragas between two mountains is only 3 km away.

Milos belongs to the Cyclades island complex and has an airport as well as a port.

By ferry, Milos is connected to Piraeus from Adamantas port. You can travel by speedboats (about 3 hours) and by conventional ships, as well as by intermediate speed ships (about 5 hours). The distance between Pollonia and Adamantas port is 10 km.

Milos is also connected by ferry to other islands of the Cyclades as well as to Crete. The frequency of the routes increases in the summer months. The connection with neighboring Kimolos Island is daily, lasts half an hour and is carried out by ferry boat that starts from the port of Pollonia. By air, Milos is connected to the airport “El. Venizelos” of Athens daily. The flight takes half an hour and the airport is 15 km from Pollonia.

For more information, you can contact:

Airport “El. Venizelos»: 210 35 00 000

Piraeus Port Authority: 14541

Milos Port Authority: 22870 23360, 22870 22100

Milos has many attractions, covering every type of tourism and offering you special memories.

Among the most famous attractions of Milos are the Early Christian Catacombs, which are the oldest and most important monument of Christianity along with the catacombs in Rome and the Holy Land. They are located in Trypiti, there are three of them in total and they form a maze system of caves 180 meters long. You can visit a part of them by walking on a wooden platform and feel the awe of this unique monument.

The Sarakiniko of Milos is equally famous, since it is one of the few lunar landscapes on Earth. Located in the northeast, it got its name from the Saracen pirates and is one of the most photographed places in Greece. Lunar, wild landscape, without greenery but with lots of light. Visit it in the morning and at sunset or even better on a night with a full moon and the colors of the volcanic rocks will enchant you!

Kleftiko, which is, as many claim, the Meteora of the sea, is another special attraction that you will find in Milos. Accessible only by sea, it is located in the southwestern part of the island and is a complex of volcanic rocks. An old pirate base, with a unique morphology that is worth visiting and swimming in its blue-green waters or even discovering its seabed. Excursions are organized to this enchanting destination for swimming and diving.

Sulfur mines

The oldest sulfur export business in all of Greece was located in Milos. The sulfur mines of Viktoras Melas are located in the eastern part of Milos on a sandy beach yellowed by sulfur. A unique sight of factory ruins and abandoned machinery worth s. Don’t forget to swim at the beautiful beach too.

You will find many attractions in Milos, since the whole island is a big, wonderful and unique attraction! Some places worth visiting: the Ancient Roman Theater, the Castle, the Alykes, the Klima, the museums and many more that await you and must be discovered.

Milos is world-famous and recognized for its beautiful shores and its unique beaches, of which there are more than seventy-five. In fact, it has been highlighted many times by famous foreign magazines and the criticism of experts, as well as visitors, as the island with the best beaches in Europe! Spotless, crystal clear waters on golden sandy beaches and sculpted rocks. This enormous diversity and its particular morphology is due primarily to its volcanic origin, but also to the voracious waves that sculpt its coasts. Beaches with sand, pebbles, deep or shallow, cold or warm, colorful or monochromatic waters. Milos provides beaches for all tastes. Organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and bars or completely isolated and wild. Also, you can find the opportunity to try water sports, such as windsurfing or jet ski or even play with your friends in inflatable speedboat. Whatever you choose, the beauty that the beaches of Milos offer you will be a lifetime experience!

The most famous beaches of Milos are:

• Fyriplaka

• Tsigrado

• Agia Kyriaki

• Paliochori

• Sarakiniko

• Provatas

• Fyropotamos

• Achivadolimni

The local cuisine of Milos is extremely tasty and is uniquely connected with the environment, the land, the climate, the culture and the history of the island. A prominent place on the local menu is the “pitarakia”, stuffed with local peppery dry cheese and aromatics. This is followed by the “carpuzopita”, a traditional sweet pie made from the fruit of the same name, and the spoon dessert “kufetto”, made from sweet pumpkin crumbs, honey and almonds.

Also, the famous Mileikos peltes from local tomatoes will often be the first “spread” on your bread wherever you sit down to eat. Of course, you can take with you the flavors you liked from shops with local products, since you will find everything… local cheeses, cheese paste, caper, honey, sweet kufetto and everything else that is produced in this blessed place.

In every corner of Milos, there are beautiful tavernas and tasteful restaurants that will offer you their best dishes so that you can get to know the gastronomy of Milos. Vegetables from their gardens, fresh fish, meat, and local cheeses cooked in amazing traditional recipes.

Milos was officially declared a “holy island” by the Holy Synod in 2014, as it hosts the oldest monument of Christianity, the Catacombs. It has a church museum and more than 140 churches and small chapels. The feasts of the Saints are organized in the churches and traditional island festivals are held in their honor with singing, dancing and plenty of food.

The museums of Milos are five: the Archaeological, the Ecclesiastical, the Folklore/Historical, the Naval and the Mining.

The Archaeological Museum of Milos is located in Plaka, where you can admire the collections of sculptures, reliefs, inscriptions and objects from the prehistoric era of the island. Of course, there is an exact replica of the Venus de Milo, built in the workshops of the Louvre museum, where the original statue is kept.

The Ecclesiastical Museum of Milos is located in Adamantas, the main port of the island, in the church of Agia Triada. There you have the opportunity to admire the religious art. Hagiographies, old icons, works of famous painters, wooden church structures, chalices and many other rare works of art.

The Folklore / Historical Museum of Milos is located in Plaka and here you will be able to travel back in time and see how the inhabitants of the 19th century lived. Thus, entering a household of that period, one becomes aware of the way of life with its particularities and difficulties.

The Maritime Museum of Milos is also located in Adamas and houses the famous wooden boat “Irini”. There you will find exhibits from prehistory to modern times, as well as rare maps.

The Mining Museum of Milos is located just outside Adamas and was created in 1998 by the company S & B Industrial Minerals SA. Here the history of the mining of Milos and its natural, geological wealth appears. In addition to industrial minerals, you can watch the video, which through the stories of old miners, travels to old excavations and the first finds.

Pollonia is the most picturesque village of Milos! Located in the northeast, on a beautiful cove, it is a quiet, seaside fishing village. It is assumed that they got their name from the God Apollo, since there was a temple in his honor at the Pelekouda lighthouse. To the right side of the village there is the church of Agia Paraskevi, while to the left there is the chapel of Agios Nikolas. Pelekouda is also there, essentially a peninsula. If you go this way, tradition says that the couple who will sit on the chair formed by the small rock, will be together forever. Pollonia is the second port of Milos. From here the ferry boat leaves for the neighboring Kimolos and the trip lasts half an hour, while there are many daily routes. Taverns with fresh fish, cafes, bars for a relaxed drink and souvenir shops are the shops you will come across while walking along the beach. Small boats and fishing boats moored at the pier always loaded with fresh fish and seafood every morning waiting for you to enjoy them!

In Milos you will find many shops with original souvenirs. Larger and smaller shops make up a market in different parts of the island that will not leave you indifferent. Handmade jewelry from semi-precious stones of Milos, silver, gold, modern or even classic. Made with love and imagination to cover every taste. You will find clothes, shoes, bags, scarves, hats and anything else that is missing from your collection or simply, you want to get it. Also, unique artistic creations such as lamps, paintings, vases, decorations and mementos made of driftwood, stone, glass or clay. Find what suits you and when you leave, take a piece of the magical Milos with you!

Milos is perhaps one of the few islands that combine calm and relaxation with intense entertainment. Do you want to walk by the sea, have dinner in a tavern and drink a cool drink under the light of the moon, candles, soft music and a view to the endless blue or you are searching for more fun nights with parties until sunrise? Here you can enjoy both! Live the unforgettable vacation you dreamed of in the picturesque villages of Milos!