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‘Garifalakis Comfort Rooms’ at Pollonia of Milos Island!

Welcome to the luxurious room complex in Milos at the picturesque Pollonia village! Newly built, comfortable, sunny and elegant complex 200 meters. away from the sea! Just this year, we created nine lovely rooms, respecting the environment and considering your own satisfaction and pleasant stay in Milos! Earthy, warm colors with the Cycladic white to dominate and the gray to supports in a high aesthetic image! We paid attention to every detail and made sure to create a destination “just like your home” so you can have a memorable stay in Milos! First quality materials and interesting decorative pieces compose the rooms that we hope to accommodate you during your vacations in Milos! Our special characteristic...

our unique bathrooms! Pebble mosaic walls, mosaic floors and built showers are combined and harmonized perfectly with the other areas! From the very first moment you will feel the beauty of Milos to overwhelm you! Processed Milos stone at the reception room with all its colors highlighted and the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite, welcome you in their country! But above all, we hope that our hearts’ warmth and our famous island hospitality that is offered to you generously, to give you a memorable stay in Milos!




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