Wine Tourism

Wine Tourism

The vineyard and the wine is integral part of islands’ history and had a crucial role in the economy’s and trade’s development in the islands the past years. The wine was part of the life of the ancient Greeks, too, who loved the god of wine and feast, Dionysus. Indeed, they imaged him in many vessels holding a bunch of grapes or a wine cup. At their symposiums, wine was flowing abundantly. The pleasure of a good wine with the meals is a habit deeply rooted in the daily life of the islanders. All Aegean Islands are wine productive. The volcanic, porous ground of Milos in conjunction with the hot and dry climate encourages the cultivation of the vineyards. The varieties that have existed traditionally and still are in Milos is the white Savatiano, the red Mandilaria and the Serifiotiko. Since, wine tourism in Milos flourishes and the demands increase, through the years other varieties have been added, like the white Asyrtiko, Monemvasia and Moschato and the rare red Mavrotragano. The wine gushes from the magic of a place and is accompanied perfectly with the local tastes, like cheese, fresh vegetables and traditional recipes. Do not miss this experience!