Travel with your Children in the Beautiful Island of Milos

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26 March 2018

Travel with your Children in the Beautiful Island of Milos

Most of tourists consider Milos Island to be a romantic place, where only young couples can go. On the contrary, Milos can offer you quite the experience, even when travelling with children. No reason you should deprive yourself from a lovely vacation. Milos is the ideal island so that you may relax by the beach, while your children discover exciting activities to engage in.


Milos’s Beach Scenery

Once you set eyes upon Milos, you will immediately notice the unique scenery all around you. Being part of the volcanic arc, it has shaped to be extraordinary over the centuries. This is the main reason you will be able to enjoy your time by the beach, and explore its uniqueness.


Water Sports

More than 70 beaches all around island are well organized and can offer you the chance to entertain your children. Choose among several interesting water sports, from scuba diving to snorkeling and windsurfing. Plan a sea excursion, with all the family and explore parts of the island that are unreachable otherwise. Milos is a great island you should not miss while visiting Cyclades, along with Santorini and Paros.



At the top of a hill, there is an ancient castle, worth visiting. It is currently uninhabited, but it remains a true beauty. Ascending there, you can awe the mesmerizing sunset as well as the church of The Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Enjoy a refreshing ice-cream and allow your children to explore every inch of the castle.


Hot Springs

If the weather is too cold for a day at the beach, you can always visit the hot springs of the island. Emerged from the volcanic activity, these springs can offer you a splendid experience while providing yourself with their healing and therapeutic powers.


Mediterranean Cuisine

Wherever you choose to dine in the island, there is no doubt that you will have the chance to taste unique dishes. Do not miss the amazingly fresh fishes that local fishermen bring to your table every day.


Family Suite

While most hotels in Milos do not accommodate large families, in Garifalakis Comfort Rooms you have the chance to stay with your family in the Comfort Family Suite. The one-bedroom suite will keep you comfortable and you may relax to your private terrace, watching the sea view from above.